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Our Services

Web Development

We assist on your digital needs in web development and web application development.

Network Solutions

Our network team is capable of providing tailor made solutions for your networking requirements. 

Mobile Application Development

We do all type of mobile application development from web site to app conversions, concept to realization. 

Robotics and Automation

We are expertised in mechatronics, PLC, SCADA based automation solutions.

Internet of Things

 We provide custom IoT solutions to your modern industrial needs and for your smart homes. 

Graphics Design

We provide graphic design and photo editing services and printing services. 

Game Development

We develop games for mobile and PC. Our developers can turn your game idea into a real game. 

Expert Systems

We build interactive applications for complex decision making problems based on expert knowledge. 


We provide custom electronic solutions, identifying the customer requirements. 

Data Science and Analysis

We use scientific methods and algorithms to extract knowledge from structured or unstructured data. 

Custom Software Development

Our software team is expertised in developing custom software packages to suit modern industrial requirements. 

Computer Vision and AI

We provide software/hardware solutions for complex and challenging tasks with the help of computer vision and AI. 

Why are you making a wise decision by choosing us?

Safety and Security

We guarantee safety of your information and security of software products. We take full responsibility to complete your projects and provide excellent after-sale service.

Flexible and dedicated team

Your requirements are fulfilled with our flexible and dedicated team and will provide professional service while maintaining the international standards.

Professional service

We have experience working with clients worldwide. We are connected with academic institutions. With such background we will be able to provide professional and quality service.

Amazing competitive pricing

We have access to the advanced technical & IT infrastructure with innovative professionals. Therefore all our services come at unbelievable competitive prices.

Research oriented

We have potential projects, research ideas and ongoing projects. We may have your solution already. You can contact us to develop your solution with us.

Our Flagship Software in Development

Calculation tool for manufacturing industry

We provide a compact software package for easy time and cost estimation for the manufacturing industry by automatic analyzing of 2D PDF CAD drawings.

Easy cost estimation

Cost can be conveniently estimated with the software. It supports all common materials and tools.

schedule time estimation

Accurate timing for each process with the built in functions.

Quotation Generation

Ability to export the generated cost data directly from the software.

geometric element analysis

Separate mode to analyse the geometric elements with automated and semi-automated methods.

Table analysis

Easy analysis of table data and estimation generation through automated methods.

Magic Hide - Drawing Editor for CAD Industry Specialists

  • Select and erase PDF elements by single click

  • Easy replace of logos with your own logos 

  • Automatic logo replacement

  • Add date or preferred text with a click of a button

  • Built in contact list and email client for convenient sharing 

  • Preset PDF save options including file names to save time

Magic Time - Know Your Production Time Before Production

  • Highly customizable interface an database to suit your organization

  • No specialized knowledge required for the end user

  • Can manually enter technical information from PDF drawings

  • Easy configuration

  • Can estimate time and cost

CEO Message​

According to the economic classification in the world, we know how innovations in the IT sector are valuable to all the leading manufacturing industries in the world.
Metal industry is directly or indirectly related to most of the other fields around the world. We are very happy and fortunate to found this company with the influence we got while finding innovative solutions for some problems we faced in the metal industry.

Our history spans more than 13 years with many inventions and projects we have undertaken. We and our staff are genuinely happy to serve you as a company with the knowledge we have gathered over these years.

Germany is one of the founding statesmen of the world that has achieved a unique victory in the industrial world since the industrial revolution era. Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian ocean, is a fast growing country acting as a key hub in the rapidly advancing knowledge on global information technology. We are fortunate to have our company established based in these two countries and to work with clients worldwide. 

We all hope that the tool we have developed as our main product will bring a revolution in the manufacturing industry in the near future. We kindly invite you to experience the services we offer from our company with our unique team of innovators.

Also, we extend our sincere gratitude to all those who have encouraged and supported us in this magnificent achievement.

“The road to victory is talent, commitment, ability and passion”